Chapter Four: Arles & Montpellier



After Marseille was an overnight in Arles where there are really two things to do: See the roman ruins (especially the arena, the focal point of the city) and hone Van Gogh by seeking out the inspirations for some of his most famous works. I did both, and would estimate that a day is sufficient to cover the town. I did find a cozy little dock on the river outside of the city which made for an excellent resting spot.
On to Montpellier, which, despite the fact that it rained almost nonstop, was beautiful. And so, so clean, which was a welcome change after Marseille. I met up with a friend of a friend for some drinks, tapas and a wet but lovely tour of some of the city’s gems. Of the three days I spent there, two were touring the centre and one I spent doing absolutely nothing. It was raining heavily, I had the apartment I rented to myself, some tea and chocolate and an English movie channel on a cozy couch and I planted myself there for the full day. It was bliss. I didn’t realize how tiring touring would be and how much I needed a low key ‘me’ day. On my last day I partook in a language exchange at a local bar, which was a lot of fun. And I think I may have even made some progress in my time here!


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