Chapter Five: Carcassonne

I am on my final day of my three weeks in France. I don’t even want to guess the amount of croissants I have had in this time, though, miraculously, I feel I am in better shape than when I arrived. Walking around all day and generally eating/drinking less overall have agreed with me.
Yesterday I arrived at my final French destination: Carcassonne. I went straight to my accommodations for the evening, which was a hostel. Having only stayed in airbnbs so far, I thought I might finally have a more social night and meet some people… only to find that I am the only one staying there at the moment. I must say, it was nice. The place to myself, with a little fireplace, kitchen and DVD player.
The location of this hostel is exactly what I had hoped to see when I planned my time in France. In the village of Preixan, just outside of Carcassonne, it is right in the countryside, and absolutely breathtaking. I feel like this stop alone has made the trip worthwhile. Photo below.
Today was rainy but I grabbed my umbrella and headed out to see the medieval city and castle. Now I am just drying my wet feet off with some wine in a little cafe.
After this is two days in Barcelona and then off to yoga teacher training in Mallorca. I have heard that internet use will be kept to a minimum so I will likely write again in early May, when I am finished.
Another update: I have decided to spend the first two weeks in May doing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (a.k.a. St. James Way). This is an old pilgrimage route that starts essentially anywhere and ends in Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. It is becoming more and more popular in recent years, not just as a religious trek but as a tourist attraction as well. Just before leaving, I watched the movie The Way, which is about the camino. When we realized short days later that Jasper would not be joining me in May, I decided that this would be my new plan. I will walk the last part, from Sarria to the end, approx 115 km. And I will begin shortly after I complete my yoga training (with a day or two by a pool & beach in between, to energize). Wish me luck!


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