Chapter Three: Aix-en-Provence & Marseille

I was lucky enough to have my friend Amanda come to visit for four days. We spent the first two in aix-en-provence (aix for short) and the beautiful countryside. Despite the sketchiest (and most expensive) airbnb I’ve yet seen, we had an amazing time. The country is beautiful, the hills are rolling, the vineyards are plentiful and the lavender is lush, though not yet purple. On day three, we hiked the Calonques, just outside of Marseille, and visited the tourist trap town of cassis. The Calonques are like fjords with inlet beaches and incredibly beautiful (photos below).
Our final day together was rainy and we strolled around the old port of Marseille and enjoyed some free movies, chocolates and company at our boutique hotel.
After that, I was on my own again. I spent a few days in Marseille though ended up cutting it a day short. Despite being beautiful and incredibly interesting, Marseille is a very dirty town and unpleasant to visit alone as a female, due to many aggressive men. Where have all the women gone?? That was my general impression the moment I strayed from the waterfront area. That said, I did enjoy a large French metropolis that was so different in every way than Paris. I would go back, but not alone. (Waterfront and Marseille highlights below).





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