Intro: Into the Great Wide Open

After months upon months of hemming, hawing and weighing various factors, on January 4th of this year, I took the plunge. I told my boss I would be leaving my job in two months to travel around the world for a year. He inquired as to whether this was a sabbatical request and might I be interested in returning, to which I replied, ‘I think I’m ready for a change.’

Two months later, I write this first post from an airbnb in the south of France while sipping on a glass of white wine; my job, my apartment and my life as I knew it, all things of the past. If a change was what I was looking for, it is exactly what I got.

So what inspires someone to quit their life and wander like a vagabond? For me, it was a primal urge to explore; see new cultures, eat new foods and get away from the stress of the everyday rat race. Not to mention, my partner in crime (and in life) will be at my side for this amazing adventure (come July 1st).

This is my blog. It will be about the places I explore, the experiences I have and, yes, the foods that I eat! Please follow along and join me on my adventure. ❤FB_20160322_21_45_00_Saved_Picture.jpg


6 thoughts on “Intro: Into the Great Wide Open

  1. Can’t imagine what the ICD will do without you but do thrilled for you and will definitely stay in touch with your travels through your blog! xo Mary Lou


  2. Can’t wait to read more on the places you go! I need ideas for our vacation this year. I’ll be using your blog for ideas!


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